Kitty Clean Cat Litter


Kitty Clean Cat litters are a natural wood product that will minimise your impact on the environment. Our cat litters can be composted or burned, and make the disposal process far easier than mineral cat litters.

  • 99.7% free of dust
  • Supreme absorbency
  • Easy clean-up
  • Tough on odours
  • Unique manufacturing process
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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wood Based Cat Litter in the UK

Kitty Clean Cat Litters are a natural wood product, therefore, minimising your impact on the environment.

Our wood-based Kitty Clean Cat Litter is simple to change and can be disposed of easily by composting, burning, or used as garden mulch, making the disposal process far easier than mineral cat litters.

Due to the unique manufacturing processes of wood pellet cat litter, Kitty Clean Cat Litter pellets have a low tracking outside the litter box as they are 99.7% free of dust, making it easy to clean if a pellet does get stuck on your cat’s paw.

The supreme absorbency of the wood pellets enables the pellets to absorb a large amount of moisture whilst retaining shape, allowing easy clean up whilst also being tough on odours.

As a natural product, Kitty Clean Cat Litter can also produce a pleasant scent thus counteracting the smell of ammonia.

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0.25 Pallet 240kg 16 bags, 0.5 Pallet 480kg 32 bags, 0.75 Pallet 750kg 50 bags, 1 Pallet 975kg 65 bags, 1 Bag 15kg


There are several classes of wood pellet, but we only manufacture pellet of the highest standard – BSL approved. This accreditation ensures quality throughout the entire supply chain from production through to delivery to your fuel store.

Our pellets are 6mm in diameter and measure 3.15mm – 40mm in length with an average bulk density of 650kg/m³. The moisture content is low at an average of 7%, delivering good burning efficiency.

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