Cancellation Policy

Any orders can be cancelled at any time prior to delivery and will be refunded. However, any order that is cancelled once the pallet has been despatched will only receive a refund with the delivery cost deducted.

Refund or Return Policy

Pallets are likely to get damaged in transit due to forklifts or many other reasons. We are unable to replace any perforated or damaged bags. We can, however, discount the loss off your next order. We will refund any un-opened bags returned to us at the customers cost.
If your order arrives to you with any damage, we will be able to compensate you for the amount of product lost provided you undertake the following process:

  • Sign the delivery note to indicate that the delivery has been received with evident damages (If the damage is evident and your delivery note is signed as received in good order, and the damages were not stated on the delivery note, we will not be able to compensate you)
  • Notify us by email ( on the same day you have received the order and are aware of the damage. You will need to attach photographic evidence of the damage and inform us of the amount of product lost/unusable (Please provide the amount in bags of lost/unusable product, and NOT the number of bags with damage)

If there are damages on an order that were not signed off on a delivery note and that could not reasonably have been discovered by a visual inspection of the order on delivery, then the customer may apply for a refund for the damages provided they are able to:

  • Provide evidence of the damage in photographic form.
  • Provide evidence that the damage could not have been reasonably discovered by a visual inspection of the goods on delivery.